Pre-Construction Services In The GTA

Pre-Construction Services In The GTADo you want to prepare your property for an upcoming construction project? If yes, Shayona Construction Inc. is here for you. We offer pre-construction services to residential and commercial property owners with a focus on providing precise estimates, preliminary planning and managing the overall cost and resources. Our team has the expertise and skills to give an insight into the pre-construction project. We make it easy for you to take the right decision in the early stage of a construction process, thereby saving you with time and money in the long run.

What Includes Our Pre-construction Services?

In most cases, the early phase of construction or pre-construction involves the below steps:
Site Evaluation : During site evaluation, our contractors will analyze early permitting opportunities, design review and approval, construction ability risks and budget to achieve long-term efficiency. We evaluate your site for engineerign designs, drafts and drawings. Rely on our team of construction contractors for reliable site evaluation.
  • Recreational Planning
  • Landscape Design
  • Feasibility Study
  • Vision Planning
  • Conceptual Design
  • Site Plan Sketches
Project Development : Our project-specific execution includes logistic site planning, quality implementation, secure permits, budget approval and final project notice. We are proficient in managing any size building or renovation project with utmost efficiency and proficiency. Rely on us for affordable and top-notch project development.
  • Strategic Planning
  • Site Evaluation
  • Schematic Design Plans
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Building documentation
  • Design Conceptualization
Design Development :We listen to your design ideas and vision to understand what your design and build preferences are keeping in view its architecture and development. From structural designs to architectural drawings, our construction designers are always ready to help you. Our designing approach includes:
  • Design Drawing
  • Space Planning
  • Interior Remodel
  • Detailing Design
  • Flooring Design
  • Finishing Design
Blueprint Design :After working on your design perspectives, we use blueprints to explain, read and follow the pre-construction of your property from the ground to up. From 2D models to 3D drawings, our blueprint designs are highly accurate and efficient. We focus on developing modern designs with splendid and spacious interiors.
  • Structural Design
  • Connection Designs
  • Preparing a Master Plan
  • Value Engineering
  • Scheduling & Monitoring
  • Design Draft & Project Review

Pre-Construction Planning- Other Stages

At Shayona Construction Inc., we understand how essential early expert advice can be helpful to you for improving project outcomes. Throughout the pre-construction phase, we work with our clients and keep them informed at every step of the way. We analyze, assess, determine and manage low to high rise construction projects by focusing on the following:
  • Project Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Cost Management
  • Organizing Resources
  • Managing Utility Provision
  • Delivering Tender Documents
  • Project Integration Management

Why Choose Us?

Shayona Construction Inc. is committed to providing reliable support in all phases of a pre-construction project, right from the management to implementation. With our attention to detail, our general contractors work hand-in-hand to deliver a high quality outcome. Our services encompass Tarion’s coverage to ensure our clients with a statutory warranty for their new property.

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